Service and Support Beyond the Well

Innovation is at the core of our operations. Continually focused on technological advancement, our primary research and testing lab, the QMax state-of-the-art Corporate Technology Center (CTC) in Houston, TX, provides product customization and testing for HPHT filtration, low-end rheology profiles, chemical analysis, and other applications. The 12,000 square foot CTC serves as a training center to conduct mud schools, and houses a mud lab, training lab, a dedicated HTHP lab, and an analytical lab.



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Laboratory Services



Mud Lab Capabilities

Our lab, in Houston, TX, provides support to local and regional operations through our advanced mud, analytical, HTHP, and training labs. We deliver optimal solutions for drilling fluids development, design, and engineering, by prioritizing innovative technologies to supplement the unique drilling needs of our customers.

Water and Oil-Based Mud API Tests

  • Fluid Weight
  • pH and Alkalinity
  • Rheological Properties
  • Brookfield Viscosity
  • API, HTHP, and Dynamic Filtration
  • Sand Content
  • Retorts
  • Chemical Analysis
  • MBT
  • Resistivity
  • Water Activity

Shale & Formation Characterization

  • Linear Swell Test
  • Capillary Suction Timer
  • Shale Integrity Test
  • Dispersion
  • Anti-Accretion Test
  • Mineralogy

Completion & Specialty Chemicals

  • TCT of Brines
  • Filtercake Removal
  • Return Permeability
  • Bridging and Sizing
  • Insulating Packer

Training Curriculum

Anchor Training Lab

As a part of the Anchor USA Training Program, the course for mud engineers typically lasts eight weeks and covers the basic physical and chemical properties of our product systems, functions of drilling fluids, and rig site engineering. Our curriculum includes:

  • Basic Chemistry
  • Clay Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Drilling Fluid Testing
  • Drilling Fluid Test Equipment
  • Rig Calculations
  • Field Testing Procedures
  • Lost Circulation
  • Water-based Mud Formulation
  • WBM Contaminations
  • Mud Rheology and Hydraulics
  • Monitoring Drilling Fluids
  • Bore Hole Stability and Stuck Pipe



Research and Development



Anchor USA is focused on the development of next generation drilling fluids providing high-performance solutions for HTHP conditions and challenging well environments, all while being environmental stewards. We are creating environmentally-friendly and cost-effective additives including shale inhibitors, lubricants, and ROP enhancers. The application of nanotechnologies and novel chemistries are also the focus of our R&D.

Research and Development projects and activities include: 

  • Loss control materials (LCMs)
  • HTHP synthetic drilling fluids
  • HTHP water-based drilling fluids
  • Novel LCMs
  • Reservoir drill-in fluids and filtercake breakers
  • New shale inhibitors
  • High performance lubricants and ROP enhancers
  • Wellbore clean-up and completion fluids
  • New technologies such as the application of nanotechnologies

Anchor Research and Development


MAXSITE™ Engineering Software



Anchor USA's engineering software team utilizes cutting edge technologies to develop industry-leading software. The MAXSITE suite of solutions is designed to improve well construction operations, including everything from drilling hydraulics to rig site inventory management, and assist Anchor USA field and office-based personnel to provide enhanced service for our customers.

MAXSITE Hydraulics (MSH)

The MAXSITE Hydraulics application is based on a solid foundation of sound engineering principles and fundamental physical models to provide advanced downhole modeling of temperature and pressure effects on drilling fluids. As hydraulics is a key component of drilling and completion fluids management, our proprietary application delivers state-of-the-art modeling and simulation capabilities to our in-house and field engineers.

MAXSITE Reporter (MSR)

The MAXSITE Reporter fluids data management system allows wellsite engineers to track daily operations and project performance in a streamlined system. The system includes standardized calculations and plan vs. actual fluids properties tracking, performs wellsite inventory management and billing system integrations, and is used to create end-of-well summary recaps.


The MAXSITE QSeal application is the only software application in the industry to allow users to choose from all four optimization models (Abrams, Ideal Packing Theory, Fractal, and Vickers) to create an optimized fluid formulation. It is designed to formulate a minimally non-damaging fluid by optimizing particle size distribution of Loss Prevention Material.


The MAXSITE Toolbox is an internal-use mobile application that hosts essential fluids and drilling engineering calculations that can boost productivity in daily operations. The application is currently available for our engineers on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.


MAXSITE Query is a standardized digital database designed to complement the MAXSITE Reporter application. The application delivers insightful dashboards for office-based personnel, that monitors daily well and fluids performance by capturing wellsite data. It provides well-to-well comparisons of KPIs, drilling fluid properties, and trend analysis.