QMAXDRILL™: High-Performance Water-Based Drilling Fluid


QMAXDRILL, our high-performance, highly-inhibitive, water-based drilling fluid system, can be used in the most challenging and environmentally sensitive drilling applications, both onshore and offshore. The technology is applicable where highly-reactive formations are present, and water-based fluids are required, including troublesome shales. The formulation reduces environmental and disposal concerns that may arise with oils or elevated chlorides, nitrates, or sulfates.

The dual, chemical, and mechanical inhibition mechanisms created by the amine and the polymeric combination maximizes its performance. For specific applications, further enhancement can be achieved by the use of a proprietary glycol.

The QMAXDRILL system offers low filtration rates, a wide range of rheological properties, and enhanced lubrication. It is a cost-effective alternative to synthetic-based fluid because disposal costs are cut in half when compared with a non-aqueous system. Furthermore, the cost per barrel of the QMAXDRILL system is effective compared to the other water-based fluid systems and oil-based fluids.

We Deliver, No Excuses

Solution for Water-Sensitive Shale Formations



High-performing clay inhibitor

Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

Prevents formation of fluid rings

Minimizes bit and BHA balling

Synergistic with other clay inhibitors like PHPA

Minimizes pore pressure transmission

Enhances rate of penetration

Maintains low LGS content


Water-Based Systems






PropertyTypical RangeMin/Max Recommended
Fluid Weight, ppg (kg/m3)8.8 - 15.9 (1,050 - 1,900)<15.9 (<1,900)
Plastic Viscosity, cP5 - 35<40
Yield Point, lb/100ft2 (Pa)12 - 30 (6 - 15)<60 (<30)
Gels, lb/100ft2 (Pa)2/16 - 10/30 (1/8 - 5/15)As required
pH8.5 - 10.0<10.5
Calcium - mg/L40 - 100<200
MBT, ppb-eq (kg/m3)1.75 - 12.5 (5 - 35)<12.56 (<35)
API Fluid Loss - cc/30minAs required<10
LSRVAs requiredAs required