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As part of QMax, Anchor USA leverages a global network of experience and capabilities to address our customers’ drilling challenges in the U.S. We provide our customers with the information needed to successfully tailor their Anchor USA Experience for their unique well. Select a document below to download a PDF.

Technical Papers List


Novel Dewatering System Successfully Used in Remote Area of Kenya (AADE-18-FTCE-080)
Achieving Drilling & Development Targets in Remote Areas of East Africa through Fit-For-Purpose Planning (AADE-18-FTCE-104)


The Missing Pressure Factor in Deepwater SBM (AADE-17-NTCE-052)
Evaluation of Measurement Techniques for Fluid Lubricity in the Laboratory (AADE-17-NTCE-100)


Integrated Solution for Drilling a Sidetrack High-Pressure Production Well (AADE-16-FTCE-55)


ROP Enhancement in Shales through Osmotic Processes (SPE-IADC-173138-MS)


Novel Technology Reduces Water Usage 44% While Increasing Drilling Efficiency in the Permian Basin (AADE-12-FTCE-60)


Reducing Drilling Hours by up to 54% in the Barnett Shale (AADE NTCE-09-04)


State-of-the-Art in Coalbed Methane Drilling Fluids (SPE-JPT-101231)


Development and Field Results of a Unique Drilling Fluid Designed for Heavy Oil Sands Drilling


Use of Amine-PHPA System to Drill High Reactive Shales in the Oritio Field in Colombia (SPE 10410-PP)
Optimization and Field Results of Polytar Drilling Fluid Nexen-Opti Long Lake SAGD


Taking the Guesswork Out of Centrifuges' Performance (CADE 2003-013)
Application of Amphoteric Cellulose Ethers in Drilling Fluids (SPE 80210)


Using a System Cost Analysis to Quantify Drilling Fluids and Solids Control Costs (AADE 01-NC-HO-19)
Preventing Formation Impairment with a MicronAire Drilling Fluid System (AADE 01-NC-HO-49)
New Additive Lowers Costs and Improves Rheology in Water-Based Drilling Fluids (CADE 2001-024)


Use of Silicate Mud to Control Borehole Stability and Overpressured Gas Formations in Northeastern British Colombia (SPE 59751)


Development of the Pekisko Dolomite in the Bigory Field (SPE 39921)


Potassium Sulfate Mud - Meeting the Needs of the Demanding Rainbow Lake Field (CADE 97-109)
Fluid Design to Meet Reservoir Issues - A Process (PETSOC 97-114)