Targeted Solutions for the Northeast U.S.

As the largest provider of drilling fluids and solids control in the Northeast, Anchor USA knows what it takes to deliver performance for YOUR unique well. Whether providing custom drilling programs and systems, total backyard management of solids control and drilling waste management, or an integrated total fluids solution, we provide the right experience and personnel to deliver optimum, cost-effective results every time. We take pride in providing the most efficient solutions for your unique well, prioritizing our unwavering commitment to exceptional service, safety, partnership, and integrity for each customer. Our people, our experience, our commitment to our customers – it’s why Anchor USA is “More than Mud”.

With 6 locations in the region, including two mud plants and a barite processing facility, and an experienced team of nearly 200 operations and field personnel in the region, Anchor USA is ready to deliver results for your most challenging wells.

We know the Northeast. Trust Anchor USA.

Total Fluids Solutions

Anchor USA offers an integrated approach for your unique drilling fluids and solids control needs. We provide an expansive line of water-based and non-aqueous drilling fluid systems for land, HTHP, horizontal, and critical service applications. We also provide a full range of effective solids control and drilling waste management solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, and customized with consistent, reliable outcomes.


Solids Control Solutions

Anchor USA delivers effective solids control solutions that are flexible, cost-effective, and customized with consistent, reliable outcomes. We provide experienced field and site supervisors, along with operating technicians with solids control experience, ensuring a seamless, reliable operation. We offer a range of equipment and solutions, along with specialty equipment such as Mobile Drying Units (MDUs), Mobile Centrifuge Units (MCUs), and MUDSTRIPPER™, which enhance both flexibility and performance of solids control operations.


Innovative Technology

At Anchor USA, we pride ourselves in focusing our operations on technological advancement and innovation. Our research and testing labs, including the QMax Corporate Technology Center (CTC), and a regional lab in Chickasha, OK, which provide product customization and testing for HPHT filtration, low-end rheology profiles, chemical analysis, and other applications.


Customer Focused, Solutions Driven

Our Anchor USA experienced teams understand that each basin is unique, and that each well requires customized solutions for optimum well performance. We partner with our customers to understand their drilling challenges and priorities, enabling us to develop and deliver the right solution for each well and value for our customers.





We Deliver, No Excuses

Anchor USA is committed to delivering exceptional service at every well, even for the most challenging projects. Each of our locations are equipped with an experienced team with decades of industry expertise, prioritizing optimum success for our customers.