Anchor Operations Ozark Region Anchor Drilling Fluids is driven by operator success and long standing relationships. Anchor is focused on providing customized fluids solutions, superior drilling fluid products and timely energy services in each of the most active conventional and unconventional domestic, land-drilled basins.

Anchor is proud to provide drilling fluids solutions and energy services to operators in the clean-burning, domestically-produced natural gas and oil industry. Major areas of operation cover 13 states in the Mid Continent, Permian Basin, North Texas, South Texas, East Texas, North and South Louisiana, Arkansas, Appalachia and Rocky Mountain regions.

Anchor has extensive experience with diverse well types in the region and maintains a depository of nearly 200,000 wells drilled and a staff of engineers regarded as the best in the industry. Anchor operates custom product blending, storage and manufacturing facilities and the largest private fleet in the industry for differentiated responsiveness.

Many of our people were previous employees at major service companies who grew tired of the bureaucratic operations, cookie-cutter mud systems, hard selling and the non-productive requirements of those companies which diminish timely and consistent customer satisfaction.